Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

More Miranda

Curious to see more Miranda? Here a few other links I inhabit online.


Undercover Cupcake
Established before Creating Miranda, hosting mostly my baking exploits and a few tutorial videos. Neglected.

Sweet Vernal Zephyr
My book reviews. Updated sporadically averaging one post a month.

M D Whit
My writing.

Social Networks

Facebook @ Miranda D. Lawrence Whitman
IRL friends and family.

Twitter @ MindyPaper
Mostly graphic design tweets with a few personal ones. I an NOT an avid tweeter.

Twitter @ SVZReviews
Notifications of  e/books I purchase and when my reviews go live.

Youtube @ ColinsBigSister
My DIY / Tutorial videos for baking and crafting.


DeviantArt @ London Knight

Port of Whit (vs 2)
Working portfolio, under construction.

Business Websites

MDW Design
A collaboration with my husband, currently low key, as in that octave that the human ear can’t hear.

Etsy @ MDW Design
A combination of various themed store fronts: Vintage, Books, Crafts. Also under construction.

Facebook @ MDWDesign


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