Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Creating… a animated gif of my sailboat card


February 21, 2013 · 1 Comment

Creating… a sliding Valentine

Big ideas – a before and after sliding Valentine for the alphabet, letterpress to final print. Alphie & Bettie: A love set in lead, forever pressed together.  

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Creating… a faux letterpress Valentine

Hard at work making a sliding Valentine. Mine will have a pull tab at the bottom transitioning images from a letterpress “plate” to the finished print! No worries. I’ll show … Continue reading

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Creating… a dairy-free birthday cake

Every birthday at work is an excuse to take an extended coffee break and chat over cake. Sometimes the cake is from the store BUT sometimes I get ambitious and … Continue reading

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Creating… Twitter

Like many of us who have embraced the technological age, I have multiple accounts all over the internet. And I’ve added one more – Hello, Twitter! You can follow my … Continue reading

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Creating… simple animation

Deconstructing books in a current passion of mine. Take them apart, cut them up, and put them back together differently. I’m currently working on a digital companion piece to my … Continue reading

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Creating… a faux antique map

My fascination with all things old and all things nautical randomly lead me to a website with beautiful detailed scans of antique maps (cartography associates). After a few hours of … Continue reading

December 26, 2012 · 1 Comment

Creating… Paper Snowglobes

While indulging in one of my favorite things (wandering through a bookstore), I noticed a display of Christmas cards. This one caught my eye: After a little bit of research … Continue reading

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