Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

The Challenge

Welcome to my shame. Welcome to my glory. Welcome to my personal challenge.

I am an artist, not starving but working. And I’m afraid. Afraid my muse is shriveling in the dark, nibbled to unsalvageable pieces by dust bunnies propagating the untrodden creative tangents in my head!

Here I take my stand against the grinding stone.

I vow to be creative EVERY DAY,
inviting you to bear witness through my daily PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE.

Banish the fears, flex those wings, just scribble something! I’m not promising masterpieces, just pieces of me… creating Miranda.

4 comments on “The Challenge

  1. halfmoonamsterdam
    April 30, 2013

    Very inspiring! A worthy challenge!

    • Miranda
      April 30, 2013

      Thank you! I consider each day I succeed… a success, and ignore the rest LOL. Every morning is a fresh start!

  2. Akers of Toons
    May 31, 2013

    Our world actually seems to begin stifling our creativity at a very young age. Folks like yourself inspire others and helps for them to take notice that creativity is important! Heck, if I didn’t have creative outlets I would explode 🙂 Keep inspiring others like you do so well!

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