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Peacock Cake

Peep Peacock CakeMy mother’s birthday cake was inspired by the new Birthday Cake Flavored Peeps!

White cake mix with buttercream frosting and seedless raspberry jam filling decorated with marshmallow fondant.

I used a 8″ and a 6″ round layer cake pan along with an oversized muffin tin to get the tiered shape.

Making the Peep Peacock

Making the Peep Peacock

You need:

  • Bird Peeps
  • Marshmallow Fondant
  • Powdered Sugar for anti-stick
  • Frosting for glue
  • Food Coloring (I use Wilton gel)
  • Toothpicks
  • “Feather” Cookie Cutter (I used an egg shaped one)
  • “Texture” (I used Whole Grain cookie cutter set )
  • Shaping Drying Rack (I used a cake ball pan)

Color your fondant with a toothpick of coloring. You  might want to use gloves to protect your hands. Kneed the fondant (minimally for a cool swirl effect) and use the powdered sugar to keep it from getting too sticky.

“Flour” a clean flat surface with powdered sugar and roll out the fondant nice and thin like you want a crispy cookie. Gently texture the dough and cut out the feathers. Arrange on the drying rack to a nice curving shape. At this point you can paint the feathers with food coloring or just let them dry over night.

Cut the toothpicks in half and add tiny balls of fondant to the tips for the peacock crown.

Once the feathers are dry, use the frosting glue to attach them to the cake  in a pretty cascade topped with the crowned peep!

Peep Peacock Tail Peep Peacock Side

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