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DIY Sweater Clips

I’ve been wanting a set of sweater clips because—CUTE! So, when I came across a set of adorable clip-on earrings and matching necklace, I just had to try and make my own. It was as easy as I had hoped!

Tools used: Needle nose pliers

Supplies needed: 4 jump rings, Chain (any necklace length is perfect), Clip on earrings (Note: They need to have a place to hook the jump rings.)

First, I took the chain off the necklace and broke it down into two pieces. (Note, you want one chain slightly longer than the other for nice draping.)

Next, I attached the chains to the clip on earrings using 4 jump rings. It helps to lay them out on the table imagining them on the sweater.

Finally, I clipped them on!

DIY Sweater Clips from Clip-on Earrings

DIY Sweater Clips from Clip-on Earrings

2 comments on “DIY Sweater Clips

  1. mercedesmosaics
    February 26, 2015

    what a brilliant idea and use for clip-on earrings! so great for you to share – i have a bunch of my grandmom’s old ones and just kept them because they were her’s but this would be a great way to actually use them!

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