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Peep-tastic Chocolate Coconut Birthday Cake

Not MY cake.

Birthday cake time with a peep theme!

I experimented with a mish-mash of recipes (Pinterest again!) and had a few hic-ups, but the end result still tasted like a party.

My inspiration came from this Mounds Cake (see teeny tiny photo). Initially, it was just a photo on Pinterest with no link! But, after the fact, I found the original posting on Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, though too late to use her recipe. Next time!


Coconut Peep Cake

1) To start, I used the chocolate layer cake recipe from Merrily Wed’s Smitten By S’mores Cake because it easily adapted to my set of three 5″ cake pans.

A peep surprise!

A peep surprise!

I also popped a few bunny peeps in the middle for fun, but you can’t really taste them when it’s all done. Note: I found this cake a bit too oily. Next time I’ll cut the oil with applesauce.


2) Next is the Whipped Coconut Frosting from Will Cook For Smiles.

I made sure to toast the coconut before mixing it into the frosting for that extra bit of flavor. Unfortunately, it was so fluffy (true to its name) it squished out between the layers! So, I ended up putting only a very thin layer between the cakes, but it tastes great frozen as a decadent ice cream!

3) To wrap it all up pretty like a present, I made a batch of classic buttercream and did a smooth thick layer of frosting before freezing.

4) Glaze with ganache after the frosting has set.

Peep Birthday Cake

5) Finish it off with sprinkles, peeps, and candles to make this a Peep-tastic Birthday!

Who wants a silce?

Who wants a silce?


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