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DIY Pet Scarves, a bandana that slips on the collar.

I was hoping to make a selection of cute scarves to match the puppy bowties, but I just don’t like they way they bunch on the collar.

For the meantime, this project has been sidelined. But here are my pics and a few tips if you want to try to make your own.

Collar Bandana – Pet Scarf


Trimming the corners to slip the collar through.


Using the handy right angle markings on my mat for a perfect square.


The cut corners were hemmed. Then the bandana is folded in half with right sides touching so you can hem ONLY the point. Leave the cut corners open to flip right side out and for a place for the collar to slip through. (Don’t mind the bow tie pieces.)


A white version of the bandana that I don’t dare try on my black dog! (Don’t mind the bowtie assembly.)


My “puppy” Sam, modeling the scarf. I don’t like the way it bunches and it looks to tiny. Probably will need to move away from a square, more towards an elongated diamond.


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