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Steampunkin’ it in googles and a bustle!

Steampunk is a combination of Victorian era dress and steam engine type things… brass findings, goggles, revolvers, and mechanical gadgets. unfortunately, none of my friends are very familiar with it and I had to explain my costume all night.

I’ve been in love with this style since before it knew its name. (LOL, That sounded so indie.) And amazingly enough, was able to pull together a while costume from my closet! Yes, I’m proud.

Steampunk lady!

Steampunk lady!

Showing off my bustle!

Showing off my bustle!

Steampunk Lady

• Flared black maxi skirt
• Pencil skirt
• Long tutu tied up like a bustle

• Lace Cami bra
• Black tank
• Hook and eye long vest (to match the pencil skirt)
• Black short vest with brass buttons

accessorized with
• Wide black pouch belt over the hook and eye vest
• White and black ribbon tied to middle of black belt to fall over bustle
• Pocket watch hooked from button hold to pocket to hold black vest closed
• Periscope necklace
• Goggles headband made from vintage binoculars
• leather cuffs, locket, brass cuffs, octopus ring

(Dis)Assembly: Old binoculars & new elastic headband.

(Dis)Assembly: Old binoculars & new elastic headband.

Jelly string assembly

Jelly string assembly

Finished googles headband!

Finished goggles headband!

Voila! Steampunk!

Voila! Steampunk!

A scary halloween kiss!

A scary Halloween kiss!


2 comments on “Steampunkin’ it in googles and a bustle!

  1. opusanglicanum
    November 6, 2013

    I thought it was meant to be a sort of alternate history where in the victorian era we stuck with steam technology and developed that instead of going down the electricity/digital route?

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