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Baking… Margarita & Piña Colada Cookies

These are experimental cookies. A brainstorm! Though I should have been drinking a Margarita &  a Piña Colada while making them. I’m not quite satisfied with the flavor combinations.

My initial notes:

Lime cookie base = soft like Lofthouse

Margarita frosting = tequila & oj with salt and sugar sprinkles

Piña Colada frosting = rum, cherry & pineapple juice with toasted coconut


Round 1 end notes:

Lime cookies

– lime flavor lost, use zest next time
– new cookie recipe next time, too cake-y to be lofthouse. Need a denser & smoother cookie.

Margarita frosting

– too much tequila
– couldn’t taste the oj so added orange pixie stick
+ added lime zest to make up for the cookies
+ kosher salt & sugar crystals were perfect

Piña Colada frosting

– can’t taste the rum
– cherry & pineapple merged
+ toasted coconut rocked


Resources & My Notes:
– Made this recipe. It is NOT lofthouse. Too eggy (but that might be the lime juice I added. It didn’t make the cookies taste like lime… just eggy maybe the flavors could be similar.) Try adding lime zest to the cookies next time.
– I think this must have been the recipe I made in December, but I didn’t keep good notes.
– Made this frosting. Added extra tequila (shouldn’t have). The butter overwhelms all the subtle flavors.
– Try this frosting next time, less butter will hopefully allow the different flavors to come together and taste like margarita (oj, tequila)/piña colada (rum, cherry, pineapple)


4 comments on “Baking… Margarita & Piña Colada Cookies

  1. KerryCan
    August 26, 2013

    Fun to see you working through this and being honest!

    • Miranda
      August 26, 2013

      Thanks! I’m ditching the Margarita frosting and starting over. The piña colada is good enough to continue tweeking.:)

  2. ellyvegas1
    August 26, 2013

    Margarita and Pina colada cookies? Shut the front door this has my name written all over it! Once you have perfected the recipes I will definitely try them 🙂

    • Miranda
      August 27, 2013

      I’ll be sure to try again! They were just so much fun.:)

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