Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Creating… Miranda, the author

I’ve shared a few of my writings with you in the past:

Glimpses of my pencil drafts,
quick late-night phrases,
mermaids of death,
and one or two suggestive shorts.

Writing, for me, is a faceted expression of my soul… often skewed. A reflection of light illuminating dark corners best left suppressed IRL.

I’ve been slacking.

For shame, my keyboard has only been clicking for emails and instant messages.

To rectify this drought of personal prose, I have set myself a goal:

6 written pieces (poems, shorts) within the next year.
Submission to contests or online publications is a bonus.

A few potential leads: (I’m kinda fuzzy on “unpublished”. Does my blog really count as being published?)

Wish me luck! Any of you submitted online writing? I would love some feedback.  ~Miranda


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