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Brainstorming… a digital green thumb for houseplants

My house is full of plants, as you may have seen in my green waterfall post. It’s since grown!


But I have a high death rate too.

And flower count is way down. The african violets are bare, the orchids are stemless, and the peace lily is green.

I need a house plant tender,  an electronic green thumb, a cute little gadget to help me keep them alive and thriving!

My idea, an electronic green thumb:

• You set it next to your plant, facing the light.
• Set the time and start the timer.
• It records the amount of light, humidity, and temperature.
• Then tells you if your plant will thrive (flower), just survive, or suffer (and potentially die) in that location.

• It could also give suggestions for which plants will thrive.

Component parts:

Light meter
Database processing

Notes and steampunk sketch.

Notes and steampunk sketch.

LightScout DLI 100


2 comments on “Brainstorming… a digital green thumb for houseplants

  1. KerryCan
    August 8, 2013

    I could really use one of these! Down at the garden center, they call my house “death row”! 😉

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