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Baking… Minion Cupcakes

You knew this was coming, I teased you with my minion pants (cupcake liners) a couple days ago. They didn’t work out so well, too big for my cupcakes.

These lil’ guys were so easy! Minion cupcakes!


My favorite minion, ‘Lops. In the left hand corner you can see one of the few minions that I made wear pants. He’s not too happy about it.

Here’s my step-by-step with a few tips:

Bake some cupcakes!

• Banana would probably be a good flavor. I went with funfetti cause my Minions are going to a birthday party.

• Blue cupcake papers will add an extra touch and look like pants. I couldn’t find any so I made some on my computer using this niffty DIY cupcake wrapper template from BLANK.

Decorate your minion heads while the cupcakes are baking and cooling.

• Cut your Twinkies in half so you have 2 heads. (I used Cloud Cakes by Little Debbie. Milano cookies are a good alternative too.)

• Use black tube frosting to attach the Smarties for eyes. If you use a big glob it will smoosh out around the edges for goggle frames! (It ended up bleeding into the smarties, so next time I’ll try melted chocolate.)

• Dot the eye ball, add the goggle straps, and draw on a cute mouth.

• Stick a few chocolate sprinkles in the top for the hair.

• Frost your now cool cupcakes with a generous amount of blue frosting and top with a minion head!

Eat them up before they cause any trouble!


Minion Cupcakes – Getting dressed


Minion Cupcakes – Ready to party!


2 comments on “Baking… Minion Cupcakes

  1. Malu Kaya
    August 5, 2013

    The cupcakes are so cute! 🙂

    • Miranda
      August 6, 2013

      Thank you! They were so much fun to make – and everyone loves how cute they are. 🙂

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