Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Creating… Financial Security

I’m a worrier. And I should really be more of a planner than I am. I have a steady full time job. My husband has a elected part-time job paired with a seasonal construction job.

We are comfortable. But I think we can be more prepared for the future and plan for the things we want (ie. Garage, Addition, Travel, Retirement.)

Thanks to Mr. Money Mustache, I’m feeling motivated to do SOMETHING. LOL.

Not quite sure what that is at the momement, but I’ve added a category under “My life” to include it. I’ll start by putting my thrift store finds in there (though really I should chill out on buying unnecessary nick-nacks.)

This is an invitation to follow along and share any advice you have for living INSIDE your means, happily.

~ Miranda


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