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Researching… a dream catcher

One of my friends is having terrible problems with nightmares. So, I will be making a dreamcatcher to go over their bed. (See the finished Dreamcatcher here.)

Possible items for the dreamcatcher.

Possible items for the dreamcatcher.

This is my research as I decide on method and style:

✓ Grape Vine Frame Willow Wild Grapevine & Wild Rose Frame
✓ Waxed string Variegated thread
✓ Feathers hanging (to guide good dreams down to the sleeper)
✓ Arrowhead holed-stones for increased strength and protection

• Personal items
✓ sentimental keychain
✓ worn COMFY tshirt

✓ Beads in the web
• Birthstone – Diamond
• Taurus Zodiac Stone – Emerald (venus, earth)
• Natal Stones – ✓Crystal Quartz, Imperial Topaz, ✓ Coral, Moonstone

• Medicine bag: ✓plant – animal – ✓mineral – man
– pressed flowers, 2 bleeding hearts
earring that made it through my car accident
– tigers eye (courage and protection.)
– Leather pouch
– Nelhalennia (dolphin)
✓ Lavender from my garden

✓ Small birch scroll with a prayer and ✓my old cross

• “There are a number of stones used in crystal healing for preventing and lessening nightmares, including ✓amethyst, chrysoprase, ✓citrine, ✓dalmatian jasper, ✓hematite, ✓holey stones, ✓rhodocrosite, spessartite.”
– Note: Will have to clense these stones. Moonlight & Reiki Master
– Question: How often and how will he cleanse/recharge the dreamcatcher? Sage, Moonlight, Sunlight

Weaving Pattern
Wikipedia Dreamcatcher
Dreamcatcher legend
Medicine Bag
Crystals for Nightmares
Holey Stones
American Indian Stones
Reiki Crystals
American Indian Stones
Cleansing Crystals
Initiating & Cleansing a Dreamcatcher
Sage Ritual
Dolphin symbol protecting travelers


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