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Meditating… with knives

I recently discovered yoga. It’s awesome for me. I fell in love with my first instructor but she no longer teaches near me. No one else feels the same, not even doing it alone. There sits my yoga mat, abandoned.

I’ve attempted meditation. Just the act of sitting still is difficult for me. But when I give myself over to the quiet and simply TRY to empty my mind, I really feel refreshed afterwards. I’m not talking crazy deep. Just 5 minutes. Its amazing and takes no talent whatsoever. Though I do need the house to be empty of pets and people.

There are many different ways to clear the mind for a moment. Stereotypical meditation has you sitting in quiet stillness. But you can also just focus on your breathing. Or simply walk in circles and focus on each step. I’ve found making salsa does it for me.

That’s right, salsa. I set out all my vegetables and get my two favorite knives. Two bowls. Gloves if I’m handling jalapenos. I turn off the music. Let the sound of the birds filter in.

And start cutting.

By hand.

Into tiny diced chunks.

Slowly so as not to cut off my fingers.

And suddenly I have patience. Infinite, or at least until all the chopping is done. And at the end I savor my work. It never lasts very long. My husband and I quickly scoop it up in less time than it took me to make it. But I feel no remorse. Because I was doing more than making salsa, I was relaxing.



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