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Creating… a brainstorm animated gif

It’s official. I’ve been saying it wrong. ‘J’if. Oh well.

On a more creative note, I’ve been brainstorming! Another animated gif. (Do you remember my animated card?)

• First, I cut out the clouds, rain and lightening.
• Then, I took a series of 3 photos.
• Finally, I overlaid them in Photoshop using the animation palette!


IMAG2878 IMAG2879 IMAG2881


2 comments on “Creating… a brainstorm animated gif

  1. In Reach Productions
    June 26, 2013

    Oh no! I’ve been pronouncing incorrectly too! So shame! Well, this is actually really cool. It’s been years since I animated on photoshop. Got instructions?

    • Miranda
      June 27, 2013

      Instructions? Sure! I’m on CS6, and there is an animation palette at the bottom of the screen in photoshop. I’ll create a new post with screen shots and put it up soon. Hummmm, what should I animate?

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