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Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Poppin’… stickers! Yard Sale

My most recent finds!

Gloria Vanderbilt swan handle umbrella – 50¢
(I’m sticking this in the umbrella stand at work!)

Vintage retro serving tray – 25¢
(Perfect price for my “vintage” kitchen.)

Marc Broadway horse paintings – $2 each x2
(They are originals AND remind me of my friend Taylor.)

Bale mason jars, 5 – $5 all
(I set that price, probably too much but I use these all over my house.)

Squirrel mold – 25¢
(Goes perfectly with the “vintage” kitchen feel and my two heart molds on the wall above my stove.)

Drafting table – $25
(Best deal of all! It’s currently hanging in my garage waiting for my husband to build my art studio!)

IMAG2793 IMAG2794


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