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A Day at the Spa – Mirbeau, Skaneatles, NY


Staff – Excellent in every way
Early arrival – Blissfully quiet in the morning
All day access – Get a pedicure and stay all day
Robe – Heaven wrapped around me

Worn – Needs refurbishing
Food – Pretty but not spectacular
Monet’s Palette – Why?

Full discloser: I an a penny pincher and have never gone to the spa. This experience was a gift. And this review is a summary of my visit and expectations.

Mirbeau is located on the scenic rural outskirts of Skaneatles. Past the striking gates lies a Inn, Restaurant & Spa. The grounds are luxuriously appointed with waterfalls and wisteria interspersed between the multiple bavarian style buildings.

The spa options are many, ranging from a single treatment to a weekend of pampering. Anyone purchasing a treatment is granted full access to the spa amenities; steam room and sauna in the locker rooms, relaxation lounge with foot pool, outdoor whirlpool with bar, exercise room, and fitness classes.

I was gifted with the Monet’s Palette, a combination of 100 minutes in treatments and lunch.

The spa opens at 6am and closes at 9pm. Being an early morning riser, I planned to arrive early to beat the crowds and managed a 8:15 appearence.

Check in was a breeze and the front desk was as excited as I was about my gift! I was offered flip flops (but opted to keep my own) and given a luxurious robe (available for sale… I’m seriously thinking about it) and 45 minutes to explore until my first treatment.

I am noting here and will continue to note that the staff is exceptional. I truly felt like a pampered princess during my entire stay, even when a bird popped on my shoulder on the terrace.

My intuition was right about arriving early, It was blissfully quiet with only one other spa patron visible. We chatted, both of us excited about our day.

There is water with fruit, tea, coffee, and fruit available throughout the common areas along with reading materials and towels everywhere. But, you can tell this spa is well worn. It needs a little TLC in places, flaking paint, worn wood. There is only so much low light can forgive.

By 9am I was waiting, a bit awkwardly, in the relaxation room to be called into my massage. It was wonderful. The masseuse was informative, skilled and I even got her to laugh a couple times! BTW – when I made my reservations earlier in the week, I was asked if I preferred a man or woman. I was really hoping they would repeat the question for my pedicure, but, alas, no.

At 10am I’m oiled and loose with instructions to drink extra water and an hour and half to kill before my lunch reservation. I made my way to the outdoor terrace with a book. Settling into a chaise lounge, I read and sipped a drink from the bar while making friends with the stranger next to me.

Once again, the bartender was exceptional with a smile and easy conversation while assembling my mimosa. No cash needed, simply your name or room number to add to your bill.

Unfortunately, I was not advised to bring a bathing suit and did not go in the outdoor whirlpool.

My lunch appointment was at the very beginning of seating and I requested a table out on the porch overlooking the coy pond. The porch was completely empty and I savored the quiet beauty of a sunny day with a cool breeze and a view of wisteria and brightly colored coy.

My waitress was, once again, exceptional. Her enthusiasm and consideration of my meal made up for the bland chicken and moldy raspberry. Even though she was obviously still learning the menu, her service was as spectacular as her smile. She offered me a bowl of food for the fish, a wet cloth later to clean my hands before handling my sandwich, easily explained the specifics of the lunch when included in the Monet’s Pallete, a brand new espresso because mine had chilled while waiting for my brulee (I declined), and happily took my picture multiple times.

After lunch, I returned to the spa and donned my robe once again. I was encouraged to leave it on for lunch, but I opted not to.  My first robe had convenient pockets, but the new bird-poop-free one had the pockets sewn shut!

There was less than an hour before my pedicure after lunch, so I brought my book into the relaxation area and read until it was time. The pedicure was lively with 2 other girls in the room and a massage chair that didn’t feel like it was trying to bruise my spine! I would rate the pedicure 4 out of 5 stars only because I have extremely high standards. But certainly no pain and lovely french tips after it was all said and done even on my teeny tiny pinky toe!

That was the end of my treatments, but I took a moment to inhale the eucalyptus steam room and savor the aromatic heat of the sauna. I love cedar.

By the end of the day, I went on a Friday, presentation was slipping just a little bit.

Changing back into my street clothes, all the amenities were available except makeup. I touched up my runny mascara with a makeup wipe and spritzed on some deodorant before leaving to pay my bill.

Stalling at the boutique, I bit the bullet and picked up a candle at an exorbitant price before moving on to cash out with my gift card in hand.

Here is where I get a bit confused about the Monet’s Palette day at the spa package. I’m pretty sure it would have been a wash if I had bought my treatments individually vs the day package. What is the benefit of the pretty name? No complimentary drink, the mimosa was $12.50. No commemorative towel etc.

Overall the staff made this a wonderful experience and I will be returning. Take a trip out to Mirbeau, get a pedicure and stay all day.


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