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Embroidering… lipstick on his collar

I hold his pink shirt, so soft and redolent with memories of our New Year’s Eve together.

In the quiet of an empty house, my lips tingle with Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm – the color he helped me pick out.

Holding my breath, I carefully place a kiss on the inside of his collar and one more over top to make sure the impression is dark.

Now out comes the needle and thread, permanently embroidering that lipstick stain so that every time he wears it he can feel my lips against his throat.

My lips embroidered on his collar

My lips embroidered on his collar

This is my very first attempt at satin stitch, in the loosest definition of the term. I did some online research to help me with the basics. No where near perfect, I ended up cutting a lot of corners to accommodate my canvas and the supplies I had available.


I started out with a hoop but the stiffness of the collar was not allowing a tight fit, and I was afraid I would never be able to get the hoop crease out of the collar afterwards!

The thread is not embroidery thread and there is some debate about single and multiple strands when doing a satin stitch. I ended up with a double strand because I had to use it for the chain stitch outline and I flowed right into the satin stitch from it.

Because I wasn’t using a hoop, I was afraid to pull my stitches tight enough. I noticed some bunching of the fabric and lightened up, but I see I need to find a happy medium (or use a hoop, lol.)

I attempted to keep all my stitches INSIDE the collar, but a few stray threads made it through the double layer fabric. Thankfully, the thread almost matches the shirt. I did use a few knots to hold the starting thread but attempted to weave the finish ends without knotting. We will see how many washes it survives.


Initial Kiss and Waste Knot


Lockstick outline and waste knot cut


Satin stitching on second thread (see the tail of the first thread woven in place of the padding)


Top lip done, a bit too loose


All done in a night!


A few stray stitches made it through to the other side of the collar, but still looks pretty good!


2 comments on “Embroidering… lipstick on his collar

  1. mercedesmosaics
    May 15, 2013

    absolutely love this! what a great, fun idea!

    • Miranda
      May 15, 2013

      Thank you! I hope he likes it too!

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