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Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Brainstorming… birthday cake

My Father-in-law’s birthday is this weekend and I volunteered to make the cake.

I’m torn between a “classic” marble and a chocolate cheese cake (which he loves).

My sketches specify (top down):

• Chocolate Cheese Cake
… with a yellow cake batter crust
… and ganache puddle on top to fill in the divot
… marshmallow fondant rolled with sprinkles over the whole thing for a “faux cake”

• Marble Layer Cake
… using the zebra method in 5″ pans
… with a center filling of seedless strawberry jam and buttercream
… frosted in buttercream
… with a faux candle (tube cookie & fondant)

• Chocolate Cheese Cupcakes
… in the large foil liners
… with yellow cake batter crust
… and stabilized whipped cream on top like frosting
… topped with a cherry and frozen



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