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Creating… Studded Stilettos

My handsome hubby set me up with his battery drill and Dremel yesterday! He instructed me on proper usage and held my project steady as I drilled and reamed.

This sexy pair of platform heels were dirt cheap at Target months ago. I think I only paid $5! I picked up the studs at Hot Topic.

I tested out spikes on a pair of thrifted shoes a few weeks ago – but the screw backs caught on my toenails.

So, this design embeds the spikes into the platform of the shoe.

2.24.13 stud1


After marking out the placement, I drilled the holes and reamed them to fit a stud.

2.24.13 stud2

Next, I filled the holes with epoxy (oops, some of them were way too deep) and set the studs in place with the screw back only partially screwed. This allowed epoxy to get around the stud for a better hold (I hope.)

2.24.13 stud3

I’ve learned for next time to definitely use a depth gauge for drilling and make sure I have an application nozzle for the epoxy. My plastic baggie method was a mess! See the drops of glue staining the suede?

2.24.13 stud4

A catwalk around the house reveals the studs do not catch on the carpet and my feet have swollen this winter.

=^..^=  Miranda

2.24.13 stud5


2 comments on “Creating… Studded Stilettos

  1. H. E. Lexus
    February 26, 2013

    Very cool and a great idea… Good work. 😉

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