Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Creating… my creative To-Do list

I have so many projects “in progress” and “on deck” that I am starting to feel overwhelmed. But lists always help me get control back. 

In Progress (already started and waiting to be wrapped up)

Studded Heels: Need to line the inside so the stud backs don’t catch on my toenails and attempt studding the red platforms.

Quilt: Cut and mid piecing. Having issues with perfectionism, started in 2007.

Book Review: The Breeders. I promised I would review it and I am half way through but dragging my feet.

• Private Journal Entry: From New Year’s Eve… started, but now its getting really fuzzy. I have to make myself do it before I forget everything.

Personal Logo: To distinguish myself as a designer. Kinda important. Sketches started, leaning towards chevrons.

On Deck (supplies have been purchased or plans have been drawn)

Pet Mat: Need to assess my fabric stock

Taunting Masses (want to do after I finish above)

• Terrariums: Have tiny figurines. Need to buy glass jars and collect moss and nature things.

• Mohawk Hat: Have hats to sacrifice. Probably have yarn.

• Styrofoam carved prints: Did one round of Halloween prints. Want to do more.

updated 1/28/13

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