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Creating… a flashing LED surprise!

I found this noodle… at the local $1 Store… and it lights up and flashes. Entranced, I handed over my $1.08 fully aware there was no place in my life for 20 inches of bling. But I was sure one would come along. Here it is!

This long LED impregnated styrofoam tube fits PERFECTLY inside my brother’s gift (think poster-ish). Allowing me to send him an “unwrapping experience” instead of just a gift!


The making of the “experience”:



• There is a convenient slot through to the battery compartment on the LED tube that allows a plastic “pin” to be placed between the batteries during shipping so they don’t drain before the get to the shelves and to also allow for testing before purchase.

Recycling a piece of plastic into a long pin, I riveted one end to the inside of the mailing tube cap and made sure the other end fit in the battery slot.



• A large rubber band around the opposite end of the LED tube and the bottom cap secured the base.


• Streamers inside the top cap add a little pizzaz.

• Now all I have to do is convince my brother to open his gift from the correct end… in a dark room. LOL!

(The LED tube will be held secure at the base by the rubber band allowing the lifting of the top cap to pull out the plastic pin and activate the flashing lights. In a perfect world.)

Here is my horribly dark test video.

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