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Creating… Christmas cookies II

I promised pictures!

First are my favorite “Christmas cookie” ever, Peanut butter balls. Some recipes call for rice crispies, some use chunky peanutbutter – but mine are soooo smooth. And I learned a some new tricks while dipping them this year:

• Use a 2 prong meat fork to lift out the chocolate coated balls.

• Drop onto a tray of sprinkles for easy release.

• Bring your entire double boiler over to the counter for dipping (place a towel underneath it), the chocolate says warm longer.




Fudge: Chocolate Raspberry


Truffle Trees: Sugar cones filled with ganache & enrobed in candy coating.


Ginger Bread Men


Hugs and Kisses


Leftovers: The marshmallows helped hold up the sugar cones and the “bark” is the excess chocolate, nuts & sprinkles.



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