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Creating… an Advent Calendar Box

In a rush one morning, I attempted to set up a mini light studio (2 daylight bulbs and a roll of wrapping paper) to photograph my Advent Box… but then I forgot to set my camera to the highest quality setting.

My Advent Calendar box is sheathed in decorative paper and features a magnetic flap to allow for multiple openings.

Since this was my first attempt, I consider this a prototype. There are a few things I would tweek the next time around, but it is certainly pretty enough to be shipped out!

Inside the lid are 24 origami envelopes with cards nestled in ribbon pleats. Each day is numbered and has a note on the back so you get to open something new every day! (As seen in my previous post.)

To make a month worth of little gifts fit into one box is a challenge! I admit, not every card corresponds to a present. Some cards say nice things, others suggest a holiday beverage, and yet others suggest fun things to do.

Inside the box are a variety of presents snuggled in tight. The cards include diagrams to indicate which present to open which day… leaving only one package left on Christmas day!



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