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Creating… T-shirt Crafts

Upon the discovery of a large bag of my husband’s discarded t-shirts, I have been on a repurposing kick!

You’ve seen the Fringe T-shirt Scarves along with the T-shirt Necklaces, and I have mentioned the Infinity T-shirt Scarves. My newest addition is the T-shirt Beach Bag. This one is made from a anniversary shirt that was packaged with one of my favorite wines.

Of course, I didn’t stop there and had to drive myself crazy dying everything. I’ll show you pics once they are all dry and beautiful!

And since I have high hopes of selling my creations next weekend, I made a t-shirt diagram of all the patterns as seen in the thumbnail for this post. I tried to use every part of the shirts, so I kept adding to the diagram! After the photo was taken I figured out I could use the sleeves to make small necklaces, so the new improved template has that addition.


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