Creating… Miranda

Be creative EVERY DAY • A Challenge

Creating… contraptions!

Whilst storming my brain for ways to make my birdhouses unique, I delved into physics! Not exactly pulleys, but weighted strings and hinges… I’m attempting to create a SIMPLE mechanism to play peek-a-boo with the hole in my birdhouses utilizing the hinged roof.

(I had grand ideas for a monster tongue in the hole that sucks in a coin when you raise the roof, revealing a little flag hanging from inside the roof saying “Yum!” or “Burp”)

I like a challenge. And I like figuring stuff out I haven’t done before. Learning is grrrrrreat!

I’ve settled on a dual weight system. The straws are just placeholders until I determine the exact location for my eye hooks. Still have more testing to go, but coming along. (My backup plan is to just hang something pretty inside that you can see through the hole.)


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